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This selection of the best Vietnam tours gives tourists a fun-filled way of experiencing the country’s unique culture, historical landmarks and natural wonders. Let’s wander from South to North to discover the best of tours and activities of Vietnam!

1. The Best Bicycle Tour- Real Hoi An by Bicycle tour

Location: Hoi An

Duration: Half day tour


Hoi An town- a mixture of city and countryside is the best idea to do a bicycle trip there. It’s easy to get around Hoian by bicycle – no chaotic traffic. There are plenty of bicycle tours in Hoian that you can find. Then we’d recommend Real Hoi An by Bicycle tour.This tour is a pefect way to discover a real Vietnam by riding bicycle. Your leisure day is to cycle through the scenic countryside of Vietnam, meeting local family, discover local life and local culture. You will take a local ferry to the Cam Kim island. And Real Hoi An by Bicycle tour will take you to discover  how wooden river boats are made, learn how to weave sleeping mat. Lunchtime is welcomed by local family where you have chances to share a lot of interesting information.

Your tour guide are young passionate people who love  their country and would love to show how much beautiful Vietnam is.


The Best Bicycle Tour



2. The Best Cooking Classin Da nang- Jolie Da Nang Cooking Class


Location: Da Nang city

Duration: Half day tour


There are many cooking classes around Vietnam, including home cooking class type.However in a modern and bustling city Da Nang, Jolie Da Nang Cooking Class tour is a different bright. With this tour, you will not only have interesting time to cook with local people, but you also have chances to discover how the real life of Vietnamese is. From the green vegetable farming, local market visiting and coffee tasting, Jolie’s team will show you the highlight and secret of local culture. The local house where Jolie is living with her family(and the students from difficult families in Hoi An)is warm and delighted. Here,you will cook 4 Vietnamese well-known dishes as Pho, spring rolls, fish in clayport. The foods arenot complicated to learn but you need to know some cooking tips to make your best Pho, best food in Vietnam. You take hands-on in every steps. Let’s get more information at Jolie Da nang Cooking Class!


The Best Cooking Classin Da nang


3. Best Vietnam Free Tour- Hanoi Kids

Location: Ha Noi

Duration: Half day or full day on request


Hanoikids- as the name, they are young students of Hanoi who love their country and want to exchange the culture, as well as introduce their country to people around the World. Established in 2006, Hanoikids is the most experienced and professional volunteer student-run organization in Vietnam. Their volunteer kids are well-trained to introduce Hanoi and Vietnam to foreigners. They will bring travellers from all over the world an insight into Vietnam’s culture, tradition and beautiful sight-seeing. Hanoikids offers tours within a day, maily inside Hanoi, including most well-known attractions such as , Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Old Quarter, Temple of Literature, Sword Lake, etc. Joining intheir activities, you’ll have diffrent experience to be

shaped in the friendliest, most welcomed and natural way.




4. Best Vietnam Food Tour- Danang Street Food Trail

Location: Da Nang

Duration: Half day tour



People say, "the quickest way to explore a culture is getting to know its cuisine",so doing a food tour in Vietnam is a must-do you should not miss. Why wewouldrecommend Da Nang Street Food Trail? Danang is the heart central of Vietnam. It connects the South and the North. Then Danang's cuisine is theinterference of two regions, along with its own unique of Vietnam central. The Da Nang Street Food Trail will bring you to the best local foods where just locals know. Your tour guide will be your friend, showing you the beauty of town, its culture and history. If you are vegetarian, they can cater your dietary requirement.“Best food for best price”


Best Vietnam Food Tour



5. Best Vietnam Adventure Tour- Phat Tire Ventures

Location: Da Lat and Hoi An

Duration: Various types


For adventure tours, we should not take a risk to join with an amateur company. Therefore, we must do adventurous activities with the onewhois profestional andhas a trusted team. Phat Tire tour is the leading of this bussiness industry. Their team is so hard working and fun loving adventure.Their goal is to provide the greatest value possible by having the best programs, with the best trained, best equipped, safest and most knowledgeable guides in Vietnam. Phat Tire’s tour guides must be trained very well to meet the world’s standards of this tour types. Let’s check more detailsonline!


6. Best Vietnam Historical Tour- Cu Chi Tunnel Tour

Location: Ho Chi Minh city

Duration: Half day or Full day tour


The first impression when you have heard about Vietnam may not our beauty of nature or people’s hearts. It’s normally our history- about the fierce wars. Yes, we have suffered many wars from 1000 years ago. With the spirit of courage and unity of the nation, we won. We made the world amazed with what we did. Then discovering historical sites, no wonder, is also a must-do. One of the most interesting historical sites of Vietnam is Cu Chi Tunnel.  It’s around 60 kilometers from Hochiminh city, Cu Chi is now considered as a heroic district for its role in the anti-American war in Vietnam. It is legendary for its 220 kilometer-long tunnel system and is a popular spot for both Vietnamese and foreigners to visit. Your knowledgeable tour guide will share a lot of interesting information about the hidden underground world of Vietnam's complicated network of tunnels. It’s the place the local soldiers and residents used to eat, sleep, work, cook and even go to school. Then you will even have chance to fire an AK-47. The half day Cu Chi Tunnel tour duration is 6 hours. And there are a lot of companies arrangingthis tour, let’s check on Tripadvisor


Best Vietnam Historical Tour- Cu Chi Tunnel Tour

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