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Danang is a wealthy and fairly that many people aspire to live. If you want to discover all about this special city, it is a honest suggestion that you should take a tour. Here we recommend you some best tour to travel around that you are definitely not able to visit the local spots to experience part of the everyday Vietnamese lifestyle so many of the eateries were in hidden alleyway.

  1. Danang free tour buddies

Danang local buddiesis a group of volunteer guides with members who are students from universities and colleges in the city. The group was born with the main purpose of helping foreign tourists to learn the culture and people of Da Nang and in the other side, students take the opportunities to improve foreign language skills.




This tour gives out tours in Danang and Hoi An as guest request. The free tour guide will accompany with your plan with full of interesting information and helpful tips. You just need to cover the transportation, meals, water and tickets. If you need a young, helpful and friendly local friend during your trip, this is such the best choice.



Booking link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1jYK2H9O3mbcw4DaMa8HsrpJ2FdB5P7FHnyaqdYoAKzE/viewform?edit_requested=true

2. Danang free walking tour

If you do not have much time and you need a local guide to help you hang out around two hours. This tour seems very suitable. This tour is also conducted by volunteer university students from institutions across Da Nang who are full of enthusiasm and excitement. In two hours, they will lead walking around at five destination including Han Market, Da Nang Cathedral, the Cham Sculpture Museum, and the Han River Bridge. Those five destinations are all typical attractions in the Danang. Therefore, you may understand the general culture and history of Danang during two hours with this tour.




Moreover, this group also provides the Foody Story Tour with $17 and five Danang special foods.

You may visit the websitehttp://www.danangfreewalkingtour.com/for more information and booking.

3. Da Nang Food Tour by motorbike


This tour seems the private tour that one guide is provided for each guest. The guide will also be your excellent driver and knowledgeable and experienced as a friend.  Danang food tour by motorbike will lead you to unique food tastings which combined with fun insights and anecdotes on food culture and local traditions.



During this 5-hour tour, you’ll enjoy more than 8 dishes as banh kep, banh canh, banh my (bread)…. the traditional cakes at family-operated local businesses. Then, the tour takes you a short walking on Bach Dang street, the most beautiful street in Danang. From here, you can enjoy whole view of Han river: Dragon bridge, Han river bridge.... They are named as the beauties of Danang city.
After some wonderful sightseeings, you will visit the local market to have real touch to the Vietnamese life. The tour will challenge yourself with the Balut egg. One of the Top 10 weird foods in the world.  The problem is not coming from the taste, it is from your thinking about duck fetus. Then, the tour guides will lead you to the Vietnamese coffee culture in a “Coc” coffee. Next is the discovery of a part of Vietnamese people life “ Nhau” style with cold beer and delicious foods.

Beside your stomach will suffer from a ton of delicious food, you also have the wonderful time with motorbike experiences.

4. Jolie Da nang cooking class


Cooking classes seem an unforgettable part of your trip which is helping you have a deep understanding in the culture of each country. In Danang, we do highlight for the Jolie Da nang cooking class which not only teaches you the real local taste and recipes of Danang special food but also give you the best time ever with fully local experiences.





After picking you up at the hotel, Jolie will take you to the small local organic garden to join in all the farmer works of growing and taking care of the vegetables. Next, you will have the really helpful time to go to the market and collect foods for the cooking time.  Markets are some thing not missed for Vietnamese culture. Visiting it is one of the “things must do in Danang trip”. Ms. Jolie goes with you to collect all the ingredients for the cooking time. You may learn a lot of tips like how to choose the fresh fish, vegetable, fruits...during the wandering in market, especially she may teach you how to go shopping in Vietnam, how to bargain, learning many funny things from herbs’ lives. After being tired of walking, a cup of coffee may help you relax by talking and sharing the Vietnamese coffee culture. The last step before starting the cooking class at Jolie’s house is visiting the fishing village to learn how to be a local fisherman, catching some fishes as well for the cooking class. Then, it’s time for cooking. With the local house, friendly, careful and thoughtful guide, your time at Jolie’s house would be amazing for sure.

For more information of tour, please access this website:https://joliecookingclass.com/




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