4 Tips For Travelling In Vietnam

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Vietnam is a beautiful city with astonishing landscapes and friendly people. However, there are some hectic roads, scams,… that you should be careful. So to have the best Vietnam tours, you must know top 4 travel tips below.

Everyone is a millionaire in here

The currency of Vietnam is the Vietnamese dong coming in denominations ranging from 1,000 to 500,000 dongs. For 1$, you can have around 22,000 VND. So with 100$, you will become a Vietnamese millionaire with 2,200,000 VND.

You will feel like a millionaire in Vietnam

You will feel like a millionaire in Vietnam

You may be confused with many zeros on the notes and the similar color of different Vietnamese notes. The 20,000 VND and 500,000 VND notes are both blue.

So the tip here is to spend a few minutes in your room to remember how the real value of Vietnamese currency notes. By doing this, you will avoid overpaying or being scammed.

Get ready to bargain things

Another tip to remember about buying things in Vietnam is always bargaining. It is a cultural part of Vietnamese transaction. Even you are in the local markets like danang market or tourist attractions like Hoi an, the local sellers usually inflate the price and you have to bargain.

So how to bargain effectively?

The first step is to smile and show your respect to the sellers. Then when the seller says the price, you can offer a price lower than what you would pay. Be patient and keep bargaining until you get an affordable price. If you find it is hard to bargain, tell the sellers that it is too expensive and then walk away. They will call you back and offer a lower price.

Smiling is a key secret for successful bargain

Smiling is a key secret for successful bargain

Best time to go to Vietnam

In general, Vietnam is a tropical country which is very hot and humid. However, there are the seasons that heavy rains usually occur. So let’s check out the differences between the weather in three regions in Vietnam.

Northern Vietnam

There are four seasons in the northern Vietnam. In the hot summer, you will find the weather here is as hot as a hell. The temperature sometimes reaches to approximately 350C. So if you are planning to visit the Northern part of Vietnam like Ha Noi… let come in the autumn and winter.

Central Vietnam

Central Vietnam is divided into two main areas: North Central Vietnam and South Central Coast.

In North Central region, in winter, the whole area is cold with a lot of heavy rain due to the effect of steam from the sea. In the summer, because of the effect of Lao wind, the weather here is hot and dry (at this time the temperature can reach over 40oC). And the “flood” season happens here between July and October.

In South Central Coast, the whole area suffers very hot and dry weather in the summer. And the “flood” season of this region is from October to December.

If you are planning to go to attractions in the Central Vietnam, the perfect time for you is between January and April.

Southern Vietnam

The Southern region also has two seasons: the dry and wet seasons. In the wet season, there are a lot of heavy rains which sometimes causes floods in crowded city like Sai Gon. So the best time to visit this region is definitely in the dry season, between November and April.

Be careful with your surroundings

Vietnam is a peaceful country with rare violent crime, however petty theft is quite common here. So you need to be aware with your surroundings.

Always keep an eye on your belongings

Always keep an eye on your belongings

Even you are in a bus or a local food store to enjoy the food tours, always remember to keep your belongings close to you. Besides, you should use your smart devices like smartphone sparingly because it can be the perfect target for snatch-and-grabs.

Another thing to remember is avoiding the quiet streets at night since you can be the easy target for the bad guys. Moreover, you should use taxi instead of bus or motorbike taxi when you come back to your hotel at very late at night. Some of the most reliable taxi brands are Mai Linh, Uber, Grab etc.

Here are four tips you must know to have a wonderful trip in Vietnam. Let’s give us a “Like” and we’ll be back with more useful travel tips. 

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