Discover the top 4 most popular markets in Da Nang city

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Many tourists who come to Da Nang have a habit of finding local markets instead of big shopping centers because the local market is the place that most clearly shows the culture of any land. Here is a list of the 4 most famous Da Nang markets including Con market, Seafood market, Han market and North My An market. So what do they have?

Con market - where local people buy and sell

Con market is the largest market in Da Nang. It is located in the center of Da Nang city. It used to be the largest market in central Viet Nam. In December 1984, the market was overhauled and enlarged. During that period, it was named Da Nang Trade Center. Nowadays, it is named Con market.

This market originates from a small area for farmers and fishermen where they  gathered to trade. Nowadays, Con market has become a bustling trading area of Da Nang center. In here, visitors can find more than 2000 booths. Products sold in these booths are good quality. Visitors can easily buy products such as scarves, fabrics, jewelry, fresh goods, dried goods, from these booths. In addition, visitors also have the opportunity to admire the beautiful traditional fine art and ceramic products.

If you are passionate about food, this market is a great choice for you. In here, you will have the opportunity to enjoy dishes of Da Nang such as bread, salad, pancake or Quang noodles.

The Seafood market - unique experience at dawn

Visiting the Seafood marketis also one of Da Nang’s best tours. This famous market is located on Hoang Sa Street, parallel to the road to Linh Ung Pagoda.

The Seafood market of Da Nang is spacious and it is not as crowded as the central market. The fishermen start the market from around 3 am and stay for about two hours or until the majority of the fish has been sold. Here, visitors not only have the opportunity to experience the daily activities of fishermen and the way indigenous people buy and sell goods but also to walk around and enjoy the sunrise.

The Han market - a paradise of souvenirs and shopping

One of the most famous destinations on Da Nang local tours that you should not miss is the Han market. Han market grew in the 1940s from a semi-spontaneous trading area of a group of local people into the bustling market that we know and love today.

Han Market is also a great place in Da Nang city to just people watch. It is one of the most famous markets in Da Nang. When visitors want to buy gifts and souvenirs for their relatives or their friends, Han Market is a best place for them.

Han market is one of the most famous markets in Da Nang

Han market is one of the most famous markets in Da Nang.

Visitors can easily find tropical fruits such as rambhutans, mangoes, durian and jackfruit from many fruit stalls. Especially, in this market, guests also have the opportunity to try wearing clothes or dresses that are sewn and designed by skilled tailors in Da Nang.

Thanks to a beautiful location, Han market has promoted its advantages and strengths. It is not only a market where trade activities take place but also a tourist attraction. This market deserves its place as one of the best Da Nang markets.

Bac My An market-theparadise of local dishes

Bac My An market is located in Ngu Hanh Son district, near the University of Economics. This market is open from 8.am to 6.pm.

Bac My An market

Bac My An market - the paradise of cuisine.

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The food streets in this area are always a topic of interest to young people and tourists, especially students. They all think of Bac My An market when they want to enjoy unique local dishes. With only a little money in your pocket, you can enjoy the wonderful dishes of Da Nang such as street food, fruit smoothies, and attractive noodles, duck rice soup, etc.

These  Da Nang’s markets t are worthy of a tourist’s time whenever they come to Da Nang. Besides,there are many other interesting places in Da Nang such as My Khe beach, Hoa Phu Thanh waterfall, Asia Park, which tourists should visit. Participating in Da Nang cooking classes is also an interesting experience for tourists.

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