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Hoi An is a very impressive destination for any traveler when they travel to Vietnam, especially Central Vietnam. In Hoi An you see  romantic scenes but also experience the residential culture, and  unique culinary experience. When you visit Hoi An’s ancient town,  try the wonderful local foods. Follow our local tours in Hoi An to explore this town’s art, cuisine, and culture with us.

Hoi An cuisine the must try experience in Hoi An town

Hoi An is not only famous for its picturesque scenery, but also local delicacies. It is  hard for you to control your hunger for the delicious dishes with sights and smells from the market. Street foods in Hoi An are extremely attractive to the visitor. Visitors should go for walk and start their own food tour by stopping at any restaurants and vendors on the streets.

There are many kinds of food with different tastes. It is strange thing to sit on the sidewalks and enjoy your meals. Dishes are set up on small tables. The areas for meals are small and crowded. You must sit next to each other in a very close environment. Try it as a local and you will not be able to deny that it is absolutely interesting experience.

Traveling to Vietnam

Traveling to Vietnam, you definitely have to visit Hoi An and join the food tours  here

The food here is served with the freshest ingredients. Local dishes that are loved by visitors are Chicken Rice, Vietnamese baguette, Pancakes and more. Vietnamese baguette is one of the most delicious baguette around world.  Book a food tour and immerse yourself in the culinary culture of Hoi An, you will enjoy the uniqueness of Hoi An, as well as Vietnamese  cuisine. You should not miss Vietnamese coffee. It is a taste that is different from coffees you have tried before in your life.

Another special thing of Hoian cuisine is sweet soup. You will see many kinds of sweet soup. They are not ice-cream, or yogurt of your country. Their ingredients are very natural, such as green/red bean, lotus seeds, sugar, longane. They are  tasty and  healthy.

How to join Hoi An food tours?

To explore the food of Hoi An, you have some options.

Firstly, you can go around and discover food by yourself, eat what you want, try what you see, stop at any shop or restaurants. However this way doesn’t help you  understand about local food. So, we always recommend you to book a tour with guide.

Food tours are one of the best  tours in Hoi An. You can choose to join a group  or arrange a private tour. In our opinion, you should book a joint food tour. It means you will enjoy the tour with other guests. You can make friends with them and have fun chatting  during the tour. You share with each other your feeling about foods. While you are eating your meal, the local guide will tell you stories related to the foods origin. You can ask questions and discuss interesting food topics.

Join a tour and experience fresh dishes in Hoian

Join a tour and experience fresh dishes in Hoian

For both private and group tours, you can enjoy tours on foot or by motorbike. Private cars or taxi are not recommended options. Going on foot or by bicycle and motorbike are the best means of transportation to explore Hoi An. And please note that your food tour is arranged in the morning or in the evening. In each tour, you will have yhe chance to experience different dishes.

One of the best option to learn about Hoian cuisine is joining a cooking class. In Hoi An, many visitors choose a cooking class in Tra Que village. In the early morning, you ride a bicycle with a guide to Tra Que vegetable village. Fresh air, fresh vegetables and friendly local farmers welcome you. You feel comfortable. At cooking class, you will learn how to buy something at the market, and how to cook Vietnamese dishes.

Visit Tra Que village and take part in cooking class

Visit Tra Que village and take part in cooking class

If your Vietnam tour includes Hoi An, make sure to enjoy tasty dishes and meet the friendly local people. Vietnamese cuisine in general and Hoi An local cuisine in particular will definitely impress on you.

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