How much is a cooking class in Da Nang?

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Vietnamese food is one of the most popular cuisines in the world. If you would like to learn about Vietnam’s cuisine when you are travelling in Da Nang, the best way is by joining a cooking class. How much is a cooking class in Da Nang where you learn to cook as a local? We help you to gain more information about these tours through the following article.

Why is a cooking class the best way to explore the cuisine?

When you join a cooking class while travelling, you will have the chance to prepare the local food by yourself. You will learn what ingredients the locals use for their dishes and how to cook them.

You can find much information related to these dishes when you surf the net, but they may make you confused and how do you know what the correct information is?  At a cooking class, you can ask questions to a local person and get the correct information.

Join a cooking class to explore the cuisine

Join a cooking class to explore the cuisine

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Besides learning to cook as a local, the instructor of the class can help answer questions about something which may be useful for your trip. You will know where the great cup of coffee is served, where to buy the most delicious but cheapest dishes and much more information about Da Nang.

A part of the cooking class might involve a trip to a local market. This is the time to get delights of the cuisine that you may never have known before. Not only learn about the local food but also understand the local daily life. These are the benefits which a cooking class can offer you.

A cooking class is organized as a joint event, therefore it is a great opportunity for you to meet other travellers. Chatting with them, you may make new friends, new companions or pick up some interesting tips for the rest of, or your next, trip.

Having  fun  and preparing a few dishes by yourself then enjoying them with other travellers who are new friends- what better way to spend your time?

Cooking class in Da Nang, how much is a cooking class or a cooking class tour?

Da Nang is famous for the most beautiful beaches and has become one of the top destinations for tourists to explore. When you travel to Da Nang, you should visit places such as the Marble mountains, Museum of Cham sculpture, BaNa hill, Hai Van pass… If you would like to explore local life and cuisine, don’t forget to book a cooking class.

There are some options for you to choose a cooking class and join it. You can learn at a local restaurant or a local’s house in the morning or in the afternoon. Duration time for cooking class tour is a half day. You can join a short class without other activities (for example: shopping for fresh ingredients at markets in local manner, gardening at an organic garden to understand about the farmer’s life)

Cooking classes are usually a joint tour. You learn to cook with other tourists so, the price to book these tours are not high. Average price is about $35/ adults. If you join the class with your children under 10 years old, the price for them is only 50% of adult’s price. You do not need to spend so much to have a great time.

Below there is information about some cooking classes in Da Nang for you to consider:

Jolie Da Nang Cooking Class

Jolie Da Nang Cooking Class


You only need to pay $25 for an adult to join this class and 50% of adult price for children.  Jolie cooking class offers an interesting itinerary with much fun for you and your family.

Jolie offers 2 further options one of which includes a trip to the market, coffee shop, an organic farm to meet a traditional farmer and the opportunity to play a musical instrument. This is $41. If you don’t want to visit the organic farm then the price is $35. The cooking takes place at Miss Jolie’s house, a typical Vietnamese home.

This cooking class is currently helping to support 3 young people to attend university by giving 30% of the profits to them by providing food, accommodation, helping with fees. Without this help the young people would struggle to remain at  the university. As each one graduates, Ms Jolie will identify another student to help.


Da Nang home cooking class

Cooking class charges $39/ adult. Da Nang home cooking class is more expensive than some of  Jolie classes but offers you a very similar experience. However, they do offer a private cooking class for you or you and your family for which you pay a premium.

Eco Cooking class

This class doesn’t take place in Da Nang center. You have to transfer to Hoi An old town. Besides learning to cook, you will have time at a local garden, a fishing village and enjoy a ride in a traditional round basket boat.

Price for this class is $30-32/adult.

 We hope that this information is useful to you and will help you to choose the best cooking class suitable for your budget and your wishes. Book a tour and enjoy a fun time cooking local dishes and making new friends.

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