How to learn about Danang cuisine?

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If you are planning travel to Danang and are still considering what to eat during your visit, let us help you. The following post shows you  ways to explore Danang cuisine and better understand cuisine in Vietnam.

Learn about Danang cuisine?

There is a large variety to the foods of Danang. Some dishes you can try are, sliced pork and rice paper roll, banh cuon thit heo, Quang noodle, Mi Quang, fried fish cake with noodle, bun chảcá. Some of the ways to explore the foods of Danang when you travel there are.

Explore street food by yourself

If you would like to experience it your own way, just go around the streets, stop at some restaurants and try what you want. You can check reviews about restaurants or recommendation about Danang dishes and follow them. If you don’t want to go on foot, hiring a bicycle or motorbike is a good idea.

Booking a Danang food tour either group or a private tour

For most visitors, we recommend you book a Danang food tour, and experience food in Danang with a guide. A local guide gives you the benefit of their local knowledge about the different foods and their origin. There are many different stories about a dish. The information your guide gives makes your journey that much more interesting.

Street food tour

Street food tour – a way to understand Danang cuisine


If you book a group food tour instead of private tour,  you will enjoy your time with other people, share funny moments, create new memories and make new friends. Sitting on the sidewalk around a table, chatting with new friends, and listening to the stories from guide gives you the feeling of a local. Group tour pricing is better than private one.

In case, you can’t arrange your time to take part in the group tour, then a private tour is fine. You have private guide.

To explore local food in Danang, you can go on foot or by motorbike. Tours are available in the morning and evening as well. You just need to check your schedule and make arrangements with tour providers. Traveling by motorbike will be an unforgettable memory for you. In Vietnam the motorbike is the most popular vehicle. You see them everywhere at any time. Exploring food and Danang city by motorbike will make you feel like a real local.

Visit a market

You also can arrange a tour of Danang markets and learn about local life. There are many markets in the city from small to big markets. You can shop for any of the many things for sale there, such as seafood, souvenirs, and of course, enjoy local dishes. The price for local dishes at the markets are not expensive. However, you should go with a local person. They will help you  know where to go and  which dishes you may enjoy.

Visit a market to learn about local life

Visit a market to learn about local life


Jolie Da nang cooking class – the best way to understand Danang cuisine

Enjoying a cooking class is the best way to learn real local cuisine. In Danang, you can contact and join in Jolie Danang cooking class. You will not only have the chance to learn how to cook local foods, but also enjoy many new activities like a local. You will learn how local people buy and sell everything at the markets. You also learn how to do gardening  as local.

Jolie’s cooking class is different from other classes. They have the best recipes and different menus for you to choose from. It is not hard to find ingredients for these recipes. When our visitors return to their hometowns, they will continue to prepare the dishes they enjoyed in Danang.


Jolie cooking class

Jolie cooking class

Jolie’s cooking class is available in the morning or in the afternoon. Part of the experience is being taken to an organic garden, and market to choose and buy fresh ingredients for your cooking. We are sure that you will enjoy learning the Vietnamese way of shopping. You will also visit a fishing village to try and catch your dinner like a local fisherman. You will prepare the meal with Ms Jolie’s very well explained instructions.

Price of this group tour is US$25-41/ adult depending which class you want to join, 50% of adult price for children under 10 years old.

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