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Being the fourth largest city in Vietnam, Da Nang is growing rapidly in tourism potential. To visitors who come to this city, they will be deeply impressed by wonderful destinations such as Ba Na Hill, Son Tra Peninsula, My Khe Beach and so on. However, coming here without joining Jolie Da Nang cooking class would be a big regret. This class guarantees to bring you unforgettable memories and a valuable experience.

Chance of experiencing real local life

Unlike any other activity in Da Nang, Jolie Da Nang cooking class provides visitors a chance to mix with local life and culture. You may think this class just teaches you how to cook a delicious meal and dishes for you and your family. This is just one small part of our experience. You are going to have a really relaxing and exciting time when straying away from your busy life.

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Jolie Da Nang cooking class

Jolie Da Nang cooking class is a must-do activity when coming to Da Nang


Through a cooking tour, participants can whip up local delicacies and special dishes. With the support of an English-speaking chef, visitors can easily discover Vietnamese cuisine and the region’s culinary heritage. Especially, visiting and exploring some organic farms and the city’s biggest suppliers market will surely bring you unforgettable memories.

Moreover, with step-by-step instruction of skillful chefs, you will have the chance to practice tasty and delicious dishes which are specific to the region in particular and of the country in general. Joining a cooking class is also an opportunity for you to make more friends who come from different regions. So, why not meet new people and talk about your journey, Vietnamese culture, eating & cooking as well.

Lovely tour

Regardless of the time you choose to take part in (in the morning or in the afternoon), Jolie Da Nang cooking class provides you with a specific schedule with interesting activities. Participants will be picked up at their accommodation, then go to an organic garden in Da Nang. You will spend 30 minutes with local farmers to understand about their farming lives. Actually, to grow an organic garden is not easy but needs a lot of effort on the part of the farmers. You can help them in some jobs such as watering, pruning or harvesting.

The next destination is the biggest suppliers market in Da Nang, where you can buy and prepare necessary products for the cooking class. The ingredients and products here are all fresh and safe for health. Through this activity, you can learn about the way of shopping in Vietnam and the variation of Vietnam’s agriculture products.

After shopping and choosing enough ingredients, you have some time to relax with coffee while talking and sharing with others.

Following coffee it’s the time for cooking and enjoying your meals. In this part, the class’s skillful chefs will help you prepare some traditional Vietnamese foods, including 3 dishes and 1 dessert. The menu of the class is diversified with Pho noodle, fried spring rolls, steamed fish dipped with tomato, xeo cake, Quang noodle and many more. Last but not least, you can play the piano to enjoy relaxation time with the class, then return to your accommodation by our free drop-off service.


One of attractive and tasty dishes made by Jolie Da Nang cooking class

One of attractive and tasty dishes made by Jolie Da Nang cooking class


What makes a Jolie cooking class different?

Jolie Da Nang cooking class surely brings you valuable experiences and lessons. The most special thing here is that you have the chance to be a part of  a  local family to understand the uniqueness of a new culture. (You will learn a “homemade” secret of Vietnamese cuisine, which is called “recipe from the heart” by Jolie.)

If you have the chance to visit Da Nang, do not hesitate to join Jolie Da Nang cooking class to have a wonderful experience. To understand more about the class and register, you can contact the email address: JolieCookinggmail.com or through hotline: +84.905607766 for more detailed information.




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