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If you are going to take any Vietnam tours during your vacation, Vietnam cuisine should be the thing that you should never miss. There is nothing more interesting than going around and enjoying the best street food. Here we list some street food that you really should try.


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Normally, food tours often offer tourists many chances to enjoy Vietnam’s delicious street foods. CNNgo claimed this beautiful country as the street food paradise and that nowhere has cuisine as diversified as Vietnam.


Pho is Vietnam’s national food

Pho is Vietnam’s national food. Source: fantasea.vn

Pho is Vietnam’s national food which must be included in any Vietnam food tours. Just take a walk in the street, you can see many mini stalls serving pho. There are some types of pho which are mainly made from beef or chicken.

Vietnamese chefs make their pho dish very fast and easily, you may think about making it at home after your food tour. They just put the rice noodles, beef or chicken, various herbs and broth into a big bowl, and then, pho is ready for you. However, it is not easy to make a perfect pho bowl. The chefs’ secret is in the broth because each chef has their own way of making it, thus pho will taste differently in different restaurants.

Banh xeo

Banh xeo is also called Vietnamese pancake. As this dish is really popular, tourists also can enjoy it in many restaurants across Vietnam. However, according to the best seller tours’ leaders, you should enjoy this dish in the Central region where it originated.

The chefs pour a yellow mixture of rice flour, turmeric and milk into a hot, oiled skillet, which makes the batter sizzle. Then they add meat, bean sprouts and shrimp, roll it up to make a delicious pancake as big as your hand. To enjoy it, you take the rice paper, add a piece of banh xeo, some leaves, such as lettuce, a cucumber slice and various herbs, roll it and banh xeo is ready for you.


Can you imagine mixing coffee with egg

Can you imagine mixing coffee with egg? Source: Legal Nomads

Egg-coffee is a unique drink you should not miss on your Vietnam tour. Foreign tourists may never think about the combination of coffee and egg. The egg yolks are whipped with sugar and milk until they become soft and mellow. Then they pour coffee into the beaten egg yolks. Tourists can choose hot coffee or a cold one to mix with the yolks. You can enjoy the egg coffee with soft meringue made from egg, together with Vietnam dense coffee.

Vietnamese bread

Banh mi-Vietnam national meal for the morning

Banh mi-Vietnam national meal for the morning. Source: Food & Wine Magazine

The French were the first one to bring banh mi into Vietnam during the war here. Vietnamese people embraced it, with their talent, they have made many versions of it. Bread is the favourite food of Vietnamese people so it is sold nearly everywhere. In the morning of your tours, you really should enjoy some banh mi just as many locals often do.

Vietnam’s banh mi provides elements necessary for your diet, such as fat, protein, carbohydrate and vitamins. Basically it contains bread, paté, margarine, some slices of cucumber andherbs. You then choose things to add into your banh mi, such as fried egg, sausage, roasted meat, you can omit the pate and even have peanut butter.

Sweet soup

You should not miss sweet soupswhen you travel to Vietnam. It is a favouritefood of local people, especially in the summer when the weather is extremely hot. You will be impressed by the number of types of sweet soupin Vietnam. Here are some famous soups in three regions in Vietnam that you really should try.

In the North region food tours, you should try some traditional soups, such as the soup made from young rice, sweet lotus seed gruel, rice ball sweet soup. When discovering cuisine in the Central region, remember to try sweet soups made from longan, black beans sweet gruel, the soup made from corn and tapioca rice pudding, white cow-pea with coconut gruel.

Whereas in the Southernregion, ba ba sweet soup, sweet banana with coconut gruel, the soup made from sweet potato, the soup made from grapefruit oil and slivered rind cannot be missed in your must-eat list.

There is no doubt that Vietnam’s food tours are the ones which provide tourists with opportunities to enjoy delicious street foods. The diversification, the amazing tastes and the reasonable price make Vietnam a perfect paradise of street food.

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