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Going to a Danang market when night falls will be an unforgettable experience to any traveler. Danang has many night markets, satisfying local demand and attracting many international visitors. The top four night markets in Danang are Son Tra night market, Song Han night market, Hoa Khanh night market, Danang Bazaar night market.

Son Tra night market

Son Tra night market

Son Tra night market involves many entertainment activities. Source: Foody

Some visitors say that  Danang local tours without Son Tra night market would be a major disappointment. This market was officially opened in September 2018. Son Tra is combined with the walking street near the Rong bridge. The market is located on Ly Nam De street. It has about 150 stalls and all of them open from 6pm until midnight.

Visitors can find many things there, including souvenirs, jewelry, clothes, shoes,…There are also many beautiful handicrafts made by  local citizens for visitors to take home as gifts. Moreover, Son Tra night market has many entertainment activities, which are different from other night markets which mainly involve shopping.

Han river night market

Han river night market, located on Tran Hung Dao street to the north of Han river bridge, is open from 4pm till midnight. This is really a unique night Danang market. It is designed like 9 ships  facing the Han River – differentiating it from the other markets. This night market has 204 stalls  to the East of the Han river.

Visitors going to Han river night market are impressed by the sparkle lighting system and the beautiful landscapes. The food court serves many drinks and dishes, including coffee, soft drinks, and street foods,…The dishes made by the Danang market  local citizens have many unique flavors, promising to satisfy even the most discerning diners. Han river night market also sells many specialties so you can find those gifts for your family, friends or relatives.

This night market also has a park and a large stage. The park is  decorated differently for the many different occasions and events hosted at the market to attract visitors and local citizens. The large stage is for introducing local Danang cuisine, cultures, and  trade activities. On the weekend or some holidays, there are many promotions, and discounts to stimulate the demand of consumers.

Danang Bazaar night market

Danang Bazaar night market

Danang Bazaar market is a favorite destination for the young. Source: Dulichvietnam

Danang Bazaar market attracts many people, especially the young. It is different from other night markets as it only opens once or twice a month on Saturday and Sunday nights. As Danang Bazaar market only opens every two weeks or every month, the sellers have more time to prepare their products for the market.

Danang Bazaar night market has more than 100 stalls which offer various products with high quality at a reasonable prices. Besides, visitors also can experience many interesting things, such as Henna painting, Tarot, Nails Art.

This night market also has Photo-op zones so that you can take some lovely pictures with yourself (selfie), friends or your family. Visitors can enjoy delicious dishes, but can also buy clothes, accessories, vintage items and handmade pottery at  low prices.


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Hoa Khanh night market

Hoa Khanh market is on the Au Co road and near the area where there are many universities. You can enjoy the bustling environment, of Hoa Khanh market. Many students come to this market to buy nearly everything they need. Hoa Khanh market has over 100 stalls with a huge range of products, from clothes, shoes, cosmetics to fruits, vegetables, food, street foods,…

At the entrance of the night market, is an eating area which will attract you with its wonderful aromas. Visitors can start their food tours at this night market. The price for each dish is quite low and there are many tasty dishs to choose from. With one or two dollars, you can have a delicious meal before starting your shopping. Many stalls offer T-shirts or jeans at a reduced prices with  many below four dollars each.

Danang is a very beautiful city, especially when the night falls. To maximize your enjoyment of the Danang local tours, do not forget to visit these incredible night markets.

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