One day in Hoian

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Hoi An - the  World Heritage Site is one of the most favourite destinations of tourists. If you go on Vietnam tours but do not visit Hoi An, you will greatly regret. If you do not have much time, one day may be enough for you to discover this beautiful town.

Hoi An is a beautiful and peaceful city, which is just about 30 kilometres to the South of Danang city. The Old Town of Hoi An is not only a historical destination but it also has many things to do and enjoy. Let’s make your day in Hoi An unforgettable.

In the morning

If you can get up early, you should spend time walking along the beach. It is amazing to take a walk in the sand and see waves sparkling in the sunlight.

One day in Hoian

Take a walk along the beach to enjoy the sunlight.

After enjoying the sunrise on the beach, you should find a restaurant for your breakfast before exploring the Old Town. Bread is one of the most favourite breakfasts of the locals. You should try it (Banh mi in Hoi An). They are convenient, delicious and provide necessary nutritions for a day.

The two most famous and tasty bakeries that you really should try are Phuong bakery (2B Phan Chu Trinh street) and Madame Khanh bakery (135 Tran Cao Van street). With about VND15,000 to VND25,000, you will have a tasty bread for your breakfast.

Then, you can have a cup of coffee on the flat ground. Don’t hesitate, it is not weird at all. According to the best seller tours’ guides, most tourists claim that sidewalk coffee is an incredible and worth trying experience if you make Vietnam tours.

Now it’s time to explore the Old Town. There are many famous sites you should not miss, including Japanese Bridge, Assembly Hall of Quan Cong - a Chinese military general, Waterfront and Tran Ancestor Worship house. Of course, when exploring the Ancient Town, you can not miss ancient houses. Ancient houses help you know more about Hoi An’s history and culture as well as how people here lived in the past.

The noon and the afternoon

Hoi An’s diverse cuisine will impress tourists

Hoi An’s diverse cuisine will impress tourists. Source: The Wanderblogger

After spending your morning discovering Hoi An’s Ancient Town, you should enjoy Hoi An’s best specialities. Hoi An is actually an ideal destination to start your food tours because of its diverse cuisine. The Local Food Court will be the best choice because it has about 15 food vendors. These vendors serve many traditional dishes such as Quang noodle, Vietnamese vermicelli or white rose dumplings, sizzling pancake…

Take a rest before continuing your food tours with Vietnam’s best street foods in Tran Phu street, Nguyen Thai Hoc street,…You should try stirred rice paper salad, rice paper grilled with eggs and meat, pan-fried scrambled egg rice cake, sweet soup, Vietnamese savoury steamed rice cake, pigskin cake,…They are so good.

What about the night?

When the night falls, the Ancient Town is even more beautiful. You can take a walk along the street to enjoy Hoi An’s environment at night and buy some handmade souvenirs for your families or friends.

Tourists can buy some souvenirs at the night market

Tourists can buy some souvenirs at the night market. Source: GODY.VN

If you look for something for your dinner, the night food market near the Japanese covered bridge is a wise choice. There is nothing more interesting than sitting along the Hoai riversides and enjoying the excellent food such as chicken rice, Quang noodle, Vietnam sweet soup, vermicelli with marinated char-grilled pork,…

The yellow lights of the Ancient Town, together with the ancient architecture, make Hoi An perceived as Venice of Vietnam. So when you get a chance to visit this city, remember to take some stunning photos. In addition, you should take some photos when putting paper lanterns down on the Hoai river. The small paper lanterns with candles inside are believed to bring you luck.

In Bach Dang street, locals often play bai choi – a traditional game, which is similar to the bingo game, in a big yard. The rule of this game is simple. You buy three cards, then listening to some folk songs. If your three cards have the ends of three folk songs, you will receive a gift from the game masters.

Hoi An has hundreds of things for you to explore. However, if you do not have enough time, take these essential guides to make your day perfect.

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