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Come to Vietnam and experience Vietnamese tours, many visitors choose to discover the beauty and  grace of big cities. However, today a lot of people would like to join eco tours or agricultural tours to enjoy the peaceful, quiet and relaxed atmosphere at Vietnamese village. Eco tours are also a new tourism form of Hoi An, which are designed on an existing ecological foundation of Cam Thanh village.

Experiencing Hoi An Eco Discovery Tours at Cam Thanh Village

The three typical ecological tours of this peaceful countryside are Thanh Dong organic vegetable garden, Rice Village and Bay Mau water coconut forest. Participating in an eco tour, visitors will visit the organic farm, learn the way of growing and taking care of different kinds of vegetables. You will have chance to enjoy tasty foods made from newly harvested agricultural products.

Visitors can experience agricultural life at Thanh Dong organic farm

Visitors can experience agricultural life at Thanh Dong organic farm

In Cam Thanh village, Bay Mau water coconut forest is one of the most attractive destinations of the eco tours. Visitors can visit the forest completely on boat in the southwest region style. However, people in this forest use coracle boat (round boat) as the main form of transportation, which also is the main way to distinguish between this coconut forest from the western water river.

If visitors are curious about the origin of this special boat, boat drivers will clearly explain it to you. Sitting in the special boat, watching the vast green coconut forest and listening to a Quang melody will be am unforgettable memory for those who go on this eco tour. Thanks to the terrain favorable to guerrilla warfare, this place was chosen as a revolutionary base and associated with the glorious victories of Hoi An army in two national wars in the past.

Exploring Bay Mau water coconut

Exploring Bay Mau water coconut forest with coracle boat is an exciting experience


The boat with skillful control of the boat drivers leads you into the Bay Mau water coconut forest. On the trip, the boatman will pick up coconut leaves to make natural objects such as hats, rings or glasses which are extremely lovely to give their visitors.

This tour is really special when Cam Thanh residents are the tour guides who will introduce the village’s ecological and cultural values to tourists. They will tell you the stories about environmental protection activities here such as conservation of the water coconut forest, reduction of the use of plastic bags, and plastic straws. This is also a good opportunity for Cam Thanh village to promote and popularize their local products to both domestic and foreign visitors.

Tourism combines ecological resource conservation

In central areas of Vietnam, if Da Nang focuses on environmental protection in sea travel through their best seller tours or Da Nang local tours, Hoi An is developing tourism combining ecological resource conservation through eco tours or agricultural tours.

According to Mr. Nguyen Hung Linh, Vice Chairman of Cam Thanh Commune People’s Committee; in the first 6 months of 2018, the locality welcomed nearly 450,000 thousand tourists which is a 4.5 times increase in comparison with the same period in 2017.

Cam Thanh Commune

Cam Thanh Commune is making effort to combine tourism with ecological resource conservation


Ms. Tran Thi Hong Thuy, Deputy Head of the Management Board of Cu Lao Cham - Hoi An Biosphere Reserve said that the number of tourists to Cam Thanh has been larger, which put a lot of pressure on the sustainability and conservation of the region. Based on the proposal of the Management Board, the Ministry of Science and Technology has supported a true ecological model based on harmonious development and conservation of natural resources in Cam Thanh village. From this support, residents here can have more employment opportunity, Cam Thanh tourism can develop without affecting natural and ecological environment. At the same time, the locality will make an effort  calling upon visitors, travel businesses and local residents to preserve the environment, conserve resources of water coconut and other historical monuments.

Associate Professor Uong Dinh Khanh, Deputy Director of the Institute of Geography said that these eco tours  increase the value of the locality. The specific goal of this policy is to attract tourists to visit and participate in ecological conservation models. It will help local residents earn more from the models that they are implementing. This process is positively impacting the process of managing and preserving the biodiversity values of the Cu Lao Cham - Hoi An Biosphere Reserve.


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