The most awesome markets in Danang

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Danang is one of the best tourist destinations in Vietnam. It attracts a large number of tourists every year because of the city’s inner beauty, the day-to-day busy life and the bustling Danang markets. This article will list the best Danang local tours  of  the Danang markets.

Go to Han market for goodies

Han market has a wide range of products

Han market has a wide range of products.

The Han market is located at the center of the city and near the Han bridge. The Han market has a long history it started serving customers in the 1940’s. However, it continues to grow and thrive still to this day thanks to its product diversity and central location. You can easily find this market because it intersects four roads,  Hung Vuong road, Bach Dang road, Tran Phu road, and Tran Hung Dao road.

In the Han market, there is a wide range of products available. If you are a fashion lover, you will be impressed with the quality clothes, shoes, and bags… Just take a walk through the market and you will have to think about which items you will buy. There are many choices of fresh seafood, fruits, and food items available that you can make your own food tour in the Han market. The market has many  Danang specialties for gifts and collectibles to purchase for your friends and relatives.

The Han market offers many product choices for customers with a substantial diversity of products, highly competitive pricing, and a friendly place to shop.

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 Go to Con market to know how the traditional market works

Con market

Con market is a food lover's paradise.

Con market is a place for Danang local tours. It is located on the Ong Ich Khiem road and near the city center. A visit to Con market to enjoy the rich diversity of foods there is a special treat. Your food tour starting with Con market  has many ethnic foods: banh xeo, banh bot loc, banh uot, Quang noodle, bun mam,… There are also sweet dishes, such as che chuoi nuong (which the main material is grilled banana), che xoa xoa hat luu (made from pomegranate),..

The price of the foods varies, but most of them are really reasonable. With from 10,000 to 15,000 VND in your pocket, you can enjoy the delicious and eye-catching foods. Con market sells nearly everything, from jewelry, fabrics, shawls,… to fine pottery products that you can bring home to your family or friends.

Con market was established in 1940’s; however, this Danang market still keeps its unique culture  and flavor alive as it has for a long time. This market is crowded and bustling with activity, which attracts many visitors to come here to experience the environment of this traditional Danang market.

Go to the seafood market for the best fresh seafood

Going to the seafood  market

Going to the seafood  market when the sun rises to get the freshest seafood. 

Danang is known for its beautiful beaches, and ocean views.  Logically what comes to mind when thinking about Danang’s beaches, and oceans is seafood. It would be best to go on a Danang tour of the best seafood market instead of purchasing seafood in a supermarket. Danang has  markets selling seafood around the city, but the most attractive and crowded ones are located on Vo Nguyen Giap road.

Going to the Danang seafood market when the sun rises is a memorable experience. The seafood market is more relaxed than other markets in the city center. Going to the seafood market so early so you can buy the freshest shellfish, crabs, fish, shrimp, squid,… This is the time when fishermen  come back with  their catch from a night of fishing. They immediately sell their catch of shellfish, fish, shrimp,…

You can choose from the many types of seafood you like at  reasonable prices. Starting your food tour here, at the seafood market, is an exciting idea. In the seafood market, there are many restaurants who will prepare dishes from the seafood you have bought. You can choose the freshest seafood, then give it to the restaurant chef’s and wait for your sumptuous feast to be prepared to your order.

The Danang markets  are often on the must-do list for visitors when they are making decisions to come to Danang. Especially if you are a food-lover, these markets cannot be missed on your Danang local tours. The traditional and delicious cuisines the reasonable prices tend to satisfy even the most difficult shoppers.

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