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With the beautiful beaches, great seafood and stunning location with many international flights, Da Nang has become one of the most popular places for summer vacations in Asia. There are plenty of summer activities you can do in and around Da Nang city:


1. Cham Island tour:

If you are a beach lover, prefer to swim in cool, clean water, then this is a great place to go. Located 16km from Cua Dai port, you will enjoy 5-10 minutes on the speed boat to go to Cham Island and spend time  sightseeing, snorkeling and swimming. A delicious seafood lunch is often included.

There are many companies offering the day tour from Da Nang to Cham Island with the cost being from $27-35/ person.

2. Vinpearl water park:

This is a fun place where you can spend the whole day exploring the many activities on offer or just relaxing in the sun. Remember to take sun screen, swim wear, and spare clothes, not only for visiting but also for playing in one of the biggest water parks in  central  Vietnam. You are not allowed to take your own food , but don’t worry, they have many food stalls for you to enjoy. My favorite places are River Safari, where you can enjoy different types of animals on a nice boat, the outdoor game center, and of course the water park itself.

Vinpearl water park

The ticket price is approximately $25/adult and $20/child from 1-1.4m tall, children under 1m are free. They also have promotional tickets for people who visit after 17.00, but personally I wouldn’t recommend it because most of the water games close soon afterwards.

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3. Taking a cooking class

With beautiful weather in the summer it is the perfect time to visit the vegetable garden, learn the ways local people grow different types of vegetables and herbs, walk to a market to see different  ingredients which Vietnamese people use in their cuisine. There are many cooking classes in Da Nang city with different features. I would like to recommend Jolie cooking class for the great sense of humor of Ha, our wonderful guide and the nice hospitality of Ms Jolie, our cooking guide who patiently explains step by step the way to make a great Vietnamese meal. If you are looking for an activity for your family, this cooking class is one of the must things to do on your priority list.


Jolie Da Nang Cooking Class

Jolie Da Nang Cooking Class- Only $41/ pax


4. Visit Bana Hills:

If you are tired with the heat and humidity of Da Nang city, going to Bana Hills at an  elevation of 1400m above sea level is a great idea. As you take a 15 minute cable car ride up the mountain side, you will feel the temperature and humidity drop, and get a panoramic view of Da Nang city from the top of the mountain. Visit the famous golden bridge that has been built on 2 giant hands.

Visit Bana Hills

In the hills you can also see a glorious flower garden, a well-kept  old French village and an indoor amusement park with many fun games.

 This is a wonderful place for all of your family to visit. Please note that they will not allow you take food there. You can book a group tour to Bana Hills with the cost of approximately $50-60  per person including lunch. Alternatively you could book a private tour or make your own arrangements.


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