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Located 3 km from Hoi An city center to the northeast, Tra Que Village is famous for growing clean vegetables in Vietnam. This is a popular destination for visitors to stay away from the noisy and busy life in the city. Going to Tra Que, visitors have a chance to learn how to grow vegetables, fertilize, sow seeds and enjoy the peaceful life of a Vietnamese village. This is also an ideal destination for agricultural tours for travelers who would like to try special activities of Vietnamese tours.

Tra Que vegetables has become a local speciality of this area

Tra Que village was formed over 300 years ago, surrounded by De Vong River and Tra Que Lagoon. The first residents of this area lived by fishing. They recognized the advantages of natural conditions here; therefore, a vegetable growing village has been formed to bring quality products for everyone.

In Tra Que village, there are a few dozens of households who both grow clean vegetables and own homestay businesses, which allows domestic and foreign visitors to participate in the vegetable growing process with the farmers. At the present, Tra Que village has a total of 20 hectares of clean vegetables growing area with about 200 households.

The vegetable garden is full of green color with various kinds of clean vegetables

The vegetable garden is full of green color with various kinds of clean vegetables

Tra Que has more than 40 types of vegetables, but the most special kind of vegetables here may be the herbs. Onions, fragrant knotweed, balm-mint, basil, coriander sativum and other familiar herbs are all fragrant and have aromatic flavor. According to Tra Que residents, they do not have any special recipe or secret. Thanks to the fertile soil and seaweed from the Hoai River, the vegetables here have a special aroma and flavor.

Raw vegetables of Tra Que have been provided to restaurants, hotels, resorts of Quang Nam, Hoi An as well as other localities. This is the source of indispensable ingredients in this area’s specialties such as Quang Noodle, Banh Xeo, Tam Huu, cao lau, rice with chicken and others. In addition, there are some herbs that can be used to make up oriental medicines which are good for our health. 

Vegetables of Tra Que village are the integral ingredients of specialties in Hoi An

Vegetables of Tra Que village are the integral ingredients of specialties in Hoi An

Experiences in Tra Que Village

Most people who look for destinations in central Vietnam may think about Hue, Nha Trang, Da Nang, experience best seller tours such as Da Nang local tours, Hoi An eco tours to discover outstanding parts of the modern city. However, if you spend time at Tra Que village just for one day, you will have a completely different experience with the image of vegetable garden, fish pond, bamboo and farms of a familiar Vietnamese village.

Come to Tra Que village, visitors can travel by bicycles, by boat or join professionally organized tours. If you would like to use a bicycle, you can take photos with farmers, water buffalo and duck farms along the path to preserve  memories. After cycling around the village, your feet will can be cared for with traditional medical  methods (soak your feet in a basin of water which is infused from vegetables in the garden). Visitors can become true farmers in farmer’s clothes, palm-leaf conical hats, barefoot and be taught the way of hoeing up the ground, growing and harvesting vegetables. For travelers who do not live and grow up in the village, this experience will certainly be new and exciting.

Vegetables growing experience in Tra Que Village

Vegetables growing experience in Tra Que Village

After experiencing “One day as a farmer”, visitors will learn how to cook and enjoy special dishes of Tra Que in particular and Quang Nam in general such as tom huu, banh dap, banh vac, Quang noodle, Hoi An cao lau and others. Apart from cooking activities, tourists can choose some garden restaurants to try other Hoi An’s specialties. 

Tra Que village attracts a lot of visitors not only by the clean vegetable gardens or interesting activities but also the friendliness and hospitality of the residents here.

In May, 2015, Tra Que village was on the list of 10 destinations that are not to be missed when visiting Vietnam by the Japanese daily newspaper Le Figaro. This is the positive result of a great effort by the local authorities as well as residents here when bringing the image of Tra Que traditional vegetables village closer to visitors from all around the world.

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