What to eat in Da Nang?

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When tourists enjoy Da Nang local tours, besides the beautiful landscapes, Da Nang cuisine is one of the most memorable experiences. However, many travellers do not know about the best specialties in Da Nang city. Here we list some tasty dishes you should try in Da Nang. 


Banh trang cuon thit heo

Banh trang cuon thit heo

The dipping sauce is very important to a perfect banh trang cuon thit heo. Source: foody.vn

Tourists can start their food tour with banh trang cuon thit heo, one of the most famous specialities in Da Nang. It is simply sliced pork rolled with paper made from rice. The ingredients are easy to prepare: rice noodles, pork, cucumbers, carrot, green banana, pineapple and some fresh vegetables such as lettuce, peppermint, perilla,…All these things are sliced thinly and the preparation is done.

When enjoying this food, you wrap all these ingredients in the soft rice paper.  You must do it carefully as the soft rice paper is easily torn. You could wrap it with another rice paper just ask the waitresses for some more papers.

There are many stalls serving this delicious dish.  Enjoy it in a large restaurant or in Da Nang market. Each stall has its own way of making the dipping sauce – the most important part of the dish. Since you do not know who offers the best banh trang cuon thit heo, it would be better to take your food tour with a local friend.


Da Nang is well-known as Vietnam’s city by the beach. Your Da Nang local tour cannot be perfect without seafood. There are many restaurants in Da Nang which specialize in seafood dishes such as grilled mussels, fried squid, steamed clams, fried fish,…

All the seafood is super fresh often being caught only a few hours earlier. You can buy your favourite seafood in Da Nang markets such as Thanh Khe Dong district market, Han market, Dong Da market, Hoa Cuong market,... Then you can ask the restaurant to prepare your meal with the fresh seafood that you have bought. Of course, there is a fee for this service.

Quang noodle

Quang noodle

Quang noodle is a must-try dish in Danang. Source: YouTube

Although Quang noodles were originated in Quang Nam province, it is very popular in Da Nang and has become a must-try speciality in Da Nang city. The main ingredients include wide rice noodles, meat and many herbs. You can choose shrimp, chicken, pork, fish or beef to add to the dish.

The chef uses many ingredients such as turmeric, lime, peanuts, chilli peppers and toasted sesame rice crackers to enhance the unique flavor of this dish. Quang noodles are similar to many dishes which you might enjoy in your Vietnam tours as it is served with many fresh herbs. Try eating it with basil, cilantro, sliced banana flower, lettuce, water mint, perilla or heartleaf.

Banh xeo

Banh xeo is basically a Vietnamese pancake. This is a popular dish that people can enjoy in many restaurants across Vietnam. However, Da Nang’s sizzling pancake is said to have a distinctive taste. If you go to Da Nang, remember to try some pancakes there.

Vietnamese pancake is made from rice flour, turmeric powder, fatty pork, bean sprouts and shrimp. The chef pours the mixture of turmeric powder, rice flour and water into a small pan, adds shrimp, pork and bean sprouts then he rolls it. Within a few minutes the pancake is ready to eat. You simply put a piece of sizzling pancake and some herbs into a rice paper, dip it in a special sauce and savour this simple but delicious pancake.

Bun mam

Bun mam

The sauce in bun mam must be made from linh fish or sac fish. Source: daynauan.info.vn

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Bun mam is a popular dish among the local people of Da Nang which originated from Campuchia. The combination of many flavours gives this dish a distinctive and delicious taste. It is quite complicated to make bun mam as it requires many ingredients such as vermicelli, pork, vegetables, unripe papaya, peanut, shrimps, squid,…

The most critical ingredient to make a perfect bun mam bowl is mam or fish sauce. However, this sauce must be made from linh fish or sac fish to enhance the taste of the dish. Similar to many Vietnam specialities, bun mam is often eaten with a variety of herbs and some bean sprouts.

Da Nang is one of the most famous destinations in Vietnam. Come to Da Nang and you will be impressed not only the incredible landscapes but also the wonderful dishes of this city-by-the-beach.

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