When is the best time to travel to Danang?

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Are you planning to travel to Danang – the  city with the best  living  in Vietnam? Are you trying to find the best information to build a great itinerary? The  information in the post below should be useful to you. With our information, it will be easy for you to choose the best activities for your tour of Danang. This will ensure that your time in Danang is very enjoyable .

When is the best time to visit Danang? The most beautiful beach city in Vietnam.

Danang should be on the itinerary of your Vietnam tour. You will not be disappointed when you choose Danang. It is as an important stop on your tour of Vietnam. It is a beautiful coastal city with long white sand beaches, blue sky and clean, warm water. There is no large waves, on Danang’s beaches. They are very safe for swimming and other activities.

Danang’s climate is the typical tropical, with a monsoon season, and a season of   high temperatures. There are two Climates in this coastal city they are the dry season and rainy season. Dry season starts from January and ends in September. Dry season lasts for 9 months. The hottest months of the year are from June to August.

The perfect time to travel in Danang is from January until March. At this time, you may feel cool some mornings but it is not a long cool spell. Average temperatures are 18-23°C. There is little rain, and views are beautiful. It is the ideal time for many outdoor activities, especially on the beach.

Perfect time to visit Danang is from January to March

Perfect time to visit Danang is from January to March

From September until December it’s the rainy season in Danang. Sometimes typhoons do occur.  However, at this time, there are still many visitors coming to Danang. Many come to enjoy their Christmas and New Year’s vacations and escape cold weather elsewhere. Prices for most services, especially rooms at hotel are booked  quickly and the price is higher.

If you are a budget traveler, a good time to visit Danang is March through May. This is the low season and there are many promotions. Another high season for traveling to Danang is from June until August. This is when the local visitor’s vacations occur. The  price is increased again.

Activities in Danang

There are many attractions and activities in Danang you can enjoy during your time here.

The Dragon Bridge and Han River cruise

Dragon Bridge is a symbol of Danang city with a unique design. It is not an actual  visitor site, but is a symbol of the spirit and determination of Danang. One good way to admire this piece of architecture is by taking a boat tour on the Han River. Many visitors are attracted to this tour, making it one of  Danang’s best selling tours.

Dragon Bridge- the symbol of Danang city

Dragon Bridge- the symbol of Danang city

From the cruise, you have chance to watch the night view of Danang city, and the sparkling light reflections. While the boats are cruising along the river, you can enjoy a meal of fresh, delicious seafood.

If your boat tour on the Han River is on Saturday or Sunday night, you can watch the unique spectacle when the Dragon on the bridge spits fire and water from its mouth.

Danang markets

Local markets are good places to learn about local life. You will see how to buy and sell everything from fresh fruit, seafood to souvenirs. Going shopping at Con Market, Han Market or Bac My An Market gives you a memorable experience. If you enjoy a Danang cooking class tour, you will be guided to choose and buy fresh ingredients for your meals. Or you may go around the market and try local tasty dishes at the lowest prices.

Danang food tours

To understand local food, nothing is better than enjoying a food tour with a local guide. You can book a group tour with other visitors to reduce cost or with a private guide which will cost more.

Danang food tour with friends

Danang food tour with friends

You can explore cuisine on foot or on motorbike. You will eat as a local while sitting on a sidewalk, chatting with each other. In Danang, there are many delicious dishes for you to enjoy: grilled meat, noodles, lemongrass grilled meat skewers or nem lui, or Vietnamese turmeric noodles – Mi Quang. Don’t forget to try Vietnamese coffee. You will enjoy the different taste.

Your schedule will determine when you can visit Danang. Which month is suitable for you to visit Danang and what you like to enjoy of the  activities available? It also depends on your likes, your time and your budget. Hope that you will be in Danang soon and have wonderful vacation.

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