Why should you join a cooking class when travelling in Da Nang?

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Da Nang, which is located in Central Vietnam, is one of those incredible destinations that travellers should not miss when they come to visit Vietnam. There are many things to do here but one of the most recommended is to join a cooking class. These kinds of classes will bring people a lot of memories which they hardly forget even when they leave Da Nang.

A way of relaxing

People often opt for travelling to take a rest after a long time of working hard. The thing is that just travelling is sometimes not enough for some individuals. They may get tired of being on the road all of the time just seeing new places in Vietnam which look quite similar to each other. As a result, taking a cooking class in Da Nang may not only give them more new skills but also is a good way to let their hair down. By joining this kind of class, they may have a more memorable experience about a unique class that they can only have in Vietnam.

Feel the atmosphere of a peaceful Vietnam

When tourists come to Da Nang and join the cooking class, they will have an opportunity to make a real meal by themselves. In order to do that, in some cooking classes, tourists will go to the peaceful, beautiful paddy field to see how Vietnamese farmers work and then help them to prepare land and grow vegetables. After that, tourists will visit a local market where there is a wide range of fruit, vegetables and household items sold. It will be such an amazing experience for foreigners that they can learn some tips of “how to bargain” when shopping in the market. Joining all of these activities, tourists will definitely feel a sense of being in Vietnam rather than travelling through it.

Vietnamese people are very friendly

Vietnamese people are very friendly, hospitable and always welcome tourists with such a warm welcome


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Learn about Vietnamese culture

Besides feeling the atmosphere of Vietnam, tourists can also know more about the traditional culture here through local people in Da Nang. For example, when going out to buy ingredients for the meal, tourists will be led to see every corner of the traditional market. Then they will know about the way people usually live. Or when staying at a local house, the owner will share some traditional activities his family  do or tell the guests about festivals and holidays. Thanks to this, tourists will have a better understanding about Vietnamese culture.

Widen the knowledge about cooking

When joining a cooking class in Da Nang, tourists will be taught how to cook Vietnamese food by local people. They will share some tips that are peculiar to Vietnam so tourists may receive a lot of valuable information about this country’s cuisine. It may be something very different from their home nation that only can apply to Vietnamese food. It can also be some tricks that they can mix with their country’s food.  These classes can ensure that tourists will know the recipes of some traditional food highly recommended in Vietnam. They will learn how to complete a meal in Vietnam, the many steps involved and how Vietnamese people organize the meal before eating.


After a lot of effort making a meal by themselves

After a lot of effort making a meal by themselves, tourists can eat and comment about their results afterwards

Widen the social circle

Whenever people decide to take any class, they will have a chance to meet so many other people. So it is understandable that besides having more knowledge about cooking, people in a cooking class can have more friends in life and who knows, these friends will become the best friends ever for them. It only takes a few hours to learn how to cook but people can share interesting stories about various fields with each other. This may not only help make the atmosphere of the class less stressful but also encourage the friendliness among people. Cooking is fun and so is eating what you’ve cooked.

What is better than having a group of friends

What is better than having a group of friends who share the same interest together?

To sum up, cooking classes in Da Nang, Vietnam bring a lot of benefits for any travellers. Therefore, if having a chance to visit Da Nang, why not sign up for a short term class like this?

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