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Da Nang is  a well known metropolitan community in Vietnam. It is both modern and traditional. If you are planning for a visit to Danang, let’s add the Danang markets to your  list.

Culinary paradises

Local markets in Danang are places to go when you want to experience different kinds of Vietnamese food. The dishes here are all attractive and delicious, you may fall in love with one or all  at first taste.

And here are my recommendations about what you should try during your “food journey” in Danang markets.

My Quang (Quang noodle)

My Quang or Quang noodle is a must-try food  it is a specialty of the Danang people.

My Quang has various versions based on the different broths which can be made from chicken, shrimp, crab, fish, pork, and beef bone.

My Quang

My Quang



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Bun Cha Ca (Grilled fish cake noodle)

Your food tours to Danang won’t be complete without trying Bun Cha Ca or Grilled fish cake noodle.

Grilled fish cake made from many kinds of fresh fish such as barracuda, lizardfish, and mackerel.

The broth is cooked with various kinds of vegetables like tomato, pumpkin, bamboo shoots, and others. The vegetables make the noodles tasty and healthy.

Grilled seafood

Danang is a coastal city with a lot of fresh seafood.

You should try some of them during your visit?

Walking along the streets you will find a lot of booths selling grilled seafood.

So  take a look at these booths and try some dishes.

Che (Sweet-soup)

Sweet-soup is one of the most famous traditional desserts in Vietnam.

It has a lot of different versions such as che bap corn sweet-soup, che khoai mon taro sweet-soup, che dau xanh green beans sweet-soup.

You can eat sweet-soup when it is hot or you add some ice. I prefer eating the smoky hot sweet-soup, especially on the cold days.

Local markets have everything with a reasonable price

If you want to buy something such as clothes or souvenirs for family and friends, go to the local markets, they have everything.

You only need to take a cab to the big markets such as Han or Con markets and you can buy many things.

The most common thing to buy in the local market is fruit. There is a lot of delicious fruit to enjoy such as pineapple, jack-fruit, coconut, watermelon, dragon fruit, mangoes, papaya and others.

Fresh seafood is also a popular thing you can buy in the markets since the quality of seafood here is always  the best.

The price here is reasonable. However, you should bargain for a 10% to 20% discount because bargaining is a part of buying things in Vietnam.

Live like a local

Going to the markets and buying like a local will help you understand a part of local life in Danang.

You can see how the locals sell and buy things, how they go to work, how they communicate with each other. while enjoying your delicious drink or food.

You can also create an unforgettable memory by going to the market in the morning, buying things and then bringing them home to cook a delicious meal yourself.

Let’s try cooking a Vietnamese unique dish on your own

Let’s try cooking a Vietnamese unique dish on your own

This experience will make you feel like a local.

If you are looking for cooks to show you how to cook Vietnamese food, you can join in our Danang cooking class. You’ll have a wonderful memory about cooking yummy Danang distinctive meals.

Join our Da nang cooking class here: https://joliecookingclass.com/

The best time to go to local markets

You can visit the local markets at any time in the day.

However, to feel the local life, you should go there early around 5 – 8 am. Going at that time, you can see how crowded the markets are. You will also have a chance to see the beauty of the markets at dawn (if you come around 5 am).

If you have other plans for the mornings, visiting the local markets at night (6-9pm) is great too. There are thousands of street food vendors to enjoy with family and friends.

Follow our blog to get more information about Danang and Da nang best tours.

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