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Shore excursions from Chan May port

“Where can I go on a shore excursion from Chan May port?” is one of the most popular questions for guests who arrive at the port in central Vietnam. Chan May port is one of the deepest harbors in the centre of Vietnam, located 60km from Hue city and 55km from Da Nang city.Travelling to and from Chan May port is quite simple. Here is a list of the top places to go from Chan May harbor:


1. Hue city tour from Chan May port (60km from Chan May)



Hue was the capital of Vietnam from 1802 until 1945 during the Nguyen Dynasty, the last dynasty of Vietnam. This is such a wonderful place if you want to discover more about the history of Vietnam during the periods of the monarchy and the Vietnam War. You can discover the traditional beauty of the Imperial city, the beauty of the blend of European and Asian architecture in the Khai dinh mausoleum. During a tour of 6 to 7 hours you will learn much about the history of Vietnam as well as experiencing the beauty of this charming city.

What to see: Imperial city of Hue, Khai dinh mausoleum, Tuduc mausoleum, Minh Mang mausoleum, Heaven Lady Pagoda.

What to note: Some temples require over the knee clothes with shoulders covered, a sarong would be useful. It can be hot and humid, so bring enough water.

Hue city tour from Chan May port


2. Da Nang City tour from Chan May port (55km from Chan May) - Shore excursion


Da Nang is one of the biggest cities in Vietnam with a population of 1.3 million people. With a diversity of geography, a combination of the beautiful coast line, mountains and flat areas there are so many different places for you to visit. You also can visit the central business district of Da Nang or go shopping at the local markets like Han market, Con Market and the supermarkets where you can find both western and South East Asian food items .You should not miss the stunning views from the Hai Van pass with a  combination of mountain and sea views, and the dream like view of Langco lagoon.


What to see: Langco lagoon, Hai Van pass, Marble Mountain, Han market, Con Market, Danang beach, Sontra Peninsular, supermarkets.

What to note: Marble Mountain is beautiful but consists of many steps, so you should have comfortable shoes. It is not suitable for those with mobility problems

Be careful with the tunnel through the Hai Van pass. You should plan to start your return journey at least 2 hours before the ship’s departure time.

Da Nang City tour from Chan May port


3. Hoi An ancient town (90 km from Chan may)- Shore excursion from ChanMay port


If you are looking for a beautiful town with a combination of unusual architecture, interesting streets and great places to shop, Hoi An ancient town is the place for you. Well known as a famous river harbor town since the 15th century, this enchanting place still preserves many buildings with great architecture from Vietnam, Japan and China. Visiting its local market, ancient houses, the assembly halls of the Chinese people and the Japanese bridge, you will discover much about the daily life of locals and the history of this compact, friendly town.


What to see: Local market of Hoi An, Fujian Assembly Hall, Ancient house of Tanky, Japanese Covered Bridge, Museum of Folklore, and Museum of Ceramics Trading.

What to note: You must buy a ticket to visit Hoi An ancient town, you can select 5 places to visit (the market is not counted, you can visit it without a ticket).

Hoi An ancient town


4. Bana Hill with the Golden Bridge( 67 km from Chan May port)- Shore excursion



Bana hill has become famous worldwide since the golden bridge was built in June 2018. With stunning views from the bridge, which is held by 2 giant hands, you will make many great memories with your family or friends. The ancient villa is also interesting to see, with the flower garden, statue of Shakyamuni Buddha, Linhung pagoda and the Euro village. The cable car ride is memorable due to the amazing views seen from it.


What to see: Golden bridge, flower garden, wine cellar, statue of Buddha, Linh

ung pagoda, Funicular, French village.


What to note: Check the time and schedule of the cable car to make sure you arrive at the harbor on time.



Bana Hill with the Golden Bridge


There are no taxis or grabs available around Chan May port. Therefore, the best option for an interesting trip from there is to book a private car or take a private tour. HPT travel is one of the greatest choices if you are looking for a professional, experienced travel company to help you to have a memorable trip. Contact us if you need any help J

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